Friday, October 21, 2011

Cereal Couture, by House of M8.

Bijoux wears Special Flakes Crop top, Special Bran belt and Prune-Aubergine-Malaysia-Airlines-Hostess-Inspired-Uniform skirt.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Internet call

While in a distant country, a boy awaits the phone call from his housemates back in Melbourne, Australia. They make the call using the internet video phone service Skype. It is afternoon for him, and for the girls it is late in the evening. The girls are back from Bar Open after seeing their friends play in their band Cafe-Latte-Bloody-Mary-Sunday-Arvo. The girls are drunk on Jugs of Bulmers Cider. The boy is wearing his new I Love Venezia tshirt.

doOO do wooop do-do wop
doOO do wooop do-do wop




Hey Meg!

Can you see me!?

No! You haven't got your camera on.

No! I do. oh wait. I'm going to hang up and call you again.

No i've got you!

I don't have you.



No I've got you now!

Wait. No. You're all grainy.

I can see you!

Oh. Man this is so bad.

Oh I can see you fine. Babe. You look great.

Oh Meg. This quality is just awful. You're like a robot sloth.

Oh Jim! You have me in stitches!

Oh Meg, would you just look at you. Just awful. This quality!!

Jim. you look amaze.

Meg! I can't even see you. This quality. Dreadful. You're mouth. So big.

Oh babe!

You're eyes. Aw.

Jim. What?

No meg. This is awful.

Jim. My screen is all pixalated. You look dreadful too.

Meg. Oh Meggg. What have you done? Look at that nose, eye, pout-lip combo.

Oh Jim.


Our Nicole is here too!!

Oh put her on pleeeasse!!

Heeeeey Jimmmmy babes!!

Oh hey Our Nic!

Our Nic. The quality is just awful. I can barely see you.

Oh I'll move the Macbook Air a bit closer.

Oh Our Nic. The quality is horrible.


Can you see us now?



Yeah. I guess. Anyway. How You going my favouritest housemates of all time?

Yeah! Hawt bitch!!!

God. You two look awful.

Jim!! Hommmmarrrr gorrrid!

No really. It's defs not your webcam. Oh brother.

Yeah well. You defs look like a marmite miner.

Meg! How was Cafe-Latte-Bloody-Marys-Sunday-Arvo? did they play Wanna Smoke Of My Champion Rollies?

Yeah. They're new e.p. Munching My Dukkah Sammiches, is so good.

Oh cool. I can't find their free download. what is it? Eating My Babaganoush-Hummus Pita Bread Wrap Monday Morning At The Call Centre?

Yeah. Their other track Wearing My Coogi Jacket At Roy Morgan Tuesday Twilight Zone is so good.

Omg. Stop making me so nostalgic of home already. I just finished listening too, Fixie-Broke-My-Heart-But-Found-My-Lost-Acid-Tab-Finally. what a boner of a song.

Yeah. I know. Totally my break song with Harry. Potter.

Yeah. What a fucking dick rag. Ok I gotta go, don't wanna use up my download. Just finishing downloading You Can Wear My Footy Gersey While I Finish Doing My Homemade Ink Of A Bunch Of Triangles On My Ankle And Asshole.

Oh cool babe.

Omg. We love you.

Omg. Love you too gurlz.