Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Oh hey Ashton. Koala's all have chlamydia. 

Don't get too much chlammy on you Oprah. 

Oh ok. One more Oprah. Hi Gail, love your fury clutch bag ;)

Oh Popey John Paul. You've stained your white goods with Koala-Chlam juices!

Oh hey Avril. Stroke of the ol' grey hair. Rove, babe, you're looking a bit tub -tub like koala bear.

Bjork? Tokio Hotel? Nice one m8.

Oh Koala at the Bindi Petting Farm. Q-T!

Oh Gags. You and your junger mate sharing a squeeze of Koaly. Koaly warly. 

Oh Brit. Go on! Give it a little stroke.

Katy Pizzlebangers. Fascinating beast of mystery, tell me what my future beholds.

Monday, May 2, 2011